What is Six Figure Soul Work?

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What would your life look like, if you were making six figures doing the creative work that is calling you?

Imagine if every single working adult on the planet was paid well to do the work they love, the work they feel called to do and naturally excell doing.

Imagine that world.

This is a vision I want to spend my time working towards, and I want to leverage my efforts by beginning with creative people.

Because I believe that the ripple effects of supporting creatives can create massive shifts, maybe even a tipping point, where all of us enjoy the world where people are happier, healthier and more aligned with thier calling.

I believe that large numbers of creatives who are doing the work they are born to do can transform the world.

Because the work produced by aligned and on purpose creatives uplift and inspire us all.

So my work is devoted to uplifting the uplifters and inspiring the inspirers.

One by one.

And to bring this vision to life, my mission is to help individual creatives enjoy a delightful, sustainable and supportive income doing the work of their heart and soul.

Welcome to Six Figure Soul Work

Why is this my focus?

My experiences with finding the work I love to do, and being paid well to do it, involved a three-fold path.

These three important aspects have been the core focus of my journey and I now feel called to share what I’ve learned.

So, I’m currently working on a project to reveal all my hard-won lessons in an inspiring online courses, designed specifically for those called to a creative life.

Because I believe that more creative people being paid well to do the work of their soul would solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.

And the ripple effects would be a substantial and positive shift for humanity

I want to be part of that vision and that solution.

So if a successful, well-paid, soul-aligned career is the holy grail for you, join the waitlist by signing up for my free email series.

And I promise to help you join the ranks of creatives living and loving their most joyfully expressed, soul-aligned, purpose-driven, lifestyle perfect career, in ways that attract increasing success, prosperity, recognition and opportunities.

Aka; six figure soul work.

Or as I like to call it, winning the career lottery.

I look forward to sharing more news with you soon!



six figure soul work laptop pool resort s

Coming soon…

A soulful approach to aligning your life with the creative success you dream of.

six figure soul work laptop pool resort s

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